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Licensing Support

We help you navigate the complexities and legal requirements of qualifying for, obtaining and renewing your cannabis license.

Dispensary Operations

Our team specializes in helping organizations create standard operating procedures that align with State and local expectations. We conduct thorough internal evaluations to help determine the best possible implementation approach for your business.

Compliance Monitoring

Understanding and adhering to Federal, State and local agency regulations can be frustrating. Our team stays abreast of all changes to laws and regulations to make certain that our clients remain compliant with all regulatory requirements. 

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Employee Training‚Äč

Your staff is the heart of your business and the cannabis industry requires unique, well-informed, trained individuals. We provide in-person staff trainings on cannabis laws and regulations and dispensary operation flows.

Policy and Procedure Development

We develop written Policy and Procedures Manuals that showcase your business' understanding of the cannabis industry, legal requirements, State and local expectations and can be used during audits, training new employees and as staff refreshers. 


Audit Support

We offer full  pre and post audit support along with comprehensive reports and suggestions on improving operations to meet compliance with State and local regulations. Beyond that, we review any infractions or findings and assist with the development of a Strategic Compliance Plan and/or Corrective Action Plan.