About Us

Our Founder & CEO

Charity Chandler-Cole has over 10 years experience providing compliance solutions and financial, programmatic, and administrative operations management to private, non-profit and public organizations throughout the nation. Growing up in South Los Angeles, Charity witnessed dozens of close family and friends go to jail over small marijuana charges and has worked effortlessly to help advocate for changes to the criminal justice system, including the passage of Prop 64 which decriminalized recreational marijuana usage in California and Prop 47 which reduced the classification of crimes imposed on marijuana users. Today, Charity wants to help businesses and organizations entering the cannabis industry stay compliant with the many and everchanging laws and regulations imposed on businesses and help to reduce their overall risk in the process. 

Our Team

Cannabis Compliance Experts is located in Los Angeles County, California and provides solutions to the cannabis industry throughout California. Our experts have hands-on experience managing federal, state and local regulatory expectations throughout the nation and have helped businesses and non-profits in the medical and social services industry stay compliant, pass audits and reduce their risk.